Pets That You Can Have As Company

If you want to some company in your home and you do not want to invest your feelings to a person, then you probably need a pet. Pet are awesome in keeping you company. They are also loyal to you once you build a harmonious relationship with them over time. They can also be the ones to guard your home, especially dogs or cats.  

Below are some animals that you can have as pets and will surely keep you happy and contented. Did you know that pets can increase our mental health because they provide relaxation and calmness when we are with them after a long day of work?  

1. Dogs 

They are very loving and friendly to humans and other dogs. As they say “ a dog is a man’s best friend”. They are also the best in greeting you lovingly and playfully after work. They will also protect you just like a loyal and trustworthy best friend, they will put your life first before theirs in any given situations. They are also used for bomb detection, search and rescue mission and others. They are very productive because they have the skills. There are a lot of dog breeds that specialize with these or can be trained to perform such tasks, specifically those big dogs that we can see with policemen or the army. They are also smart animals and you can teach them where too poop and wee or to fetch. Small dogs are also very cute and huggable and this is why they provide relaxation to the owner, bowWOW! 

2. Cats 

Cats they say have better hygiene than dogs because they are able to clean themselves and there will be no problem in walking them outside because they can be trained to do this on their own. They are also good learners when you teach them different tricks that you will surely enjoy too. Just like dogs, cats will be able to sit on your lap and cuddle with you all night. They are very loving and clingy to their owners. Some cats even stay on the laps of their owners even if he or she is eating dinner. They are not necessarily taken outside for them to poop or wee. Cats are very independent. You can even leave them on your home for days and they will still be able to live through that time.  

3. Rabbits 

Rabbits are undeniably very beautiful in their fur of different patterns and colors. They also have their signature funny ears that are always twitching every time. They are very good pets and they reproduce quite quickly. They are very soft to hold and they provide relaxation to the owner. If you want an animal that can produce quick, very cute in appearance and very friendly, try getting a rabbit.  

4. Birds 

Birds are very fun to have as pets because they can also socialize with humans just like dogs and cats. They also produce their young very easily and you will not find a hard time in taking care of it. If you plan to buy a bird, make your research thorough first before buying one because you have to know what the appropriate diet is for the bird that you like, some may need vitamins in pellets and some are not allowed to eat a particular kind of fruit. If you give more attention to them, you can also teach those tricks and in this way, you will be able to strengthen your bond with your bird.  


Low Maintenance Pets

A lot of people are also looking fun and exotics animals. They do not become thrilled of just the usually fishes, dogs and cats that can also be pets. They need something exotic and beautiful. This website is right here for you to find out more pets that are exotic but are still legal to own as pets. You might be very shocked with the wide array of animals that we are going to show you. Get excited for more! 

Aside from they are very cool and exotic, they are also low maintenance which means that you would not have a hard time in keeping your budget low in terms of taking good care of them and providing them what they need.  

Look below to meet the pets that we are talking about: 

BEARDED DRAGON LIZARD might look like it is from The Hobbit but they are one of the most gentle animals out there. They are reptiles but they love to be loved and they like to have misty showers. They are put in glass aquariums which make them very comfortable, safe and cool and you will also be able to see them when you want to because of the glass. We are sure that people will really be amazed if you have this walking around your house or on your bed. You must give them proper attention and love so that your bond with each other becomes stronger.  

CROCODILE and yes you heard it right, the crocs! They are very popular in zoos and most people know them by their killing nature. A lot of movies or films are also showcasing the crocodiles and what they can do to their enemies and food. When they are small, they are just like lizards that are tame. In fact, other breeds of lizards are wilder than small crocs. If you decide to keep one as a pet then you have to understand that each and every day, they grow bigger and bigger and they will require more food and much bigger space to live in. A person that keeps crocodiles as pets are very brave and if you are too, you might consider getting one too! 

HEDGEHOG might not be very pleasing to eye but they are intelligent and small. People label them as whole creators but really, they are only stiff when they sense danger or they feel threatened in any way. Furthermore, they are very chill pets and they are very down to earth and they just mind their own business unlike the hamsters. They are also very shy pets and they develop nice personalities if their owners constantly interact with them. Although this needs a lot of time, you might be shocked by the results.  

CHINCHILLA can make a good pet inside the house for a small or average family. They are like energy balls and they are perfect for teenagers to have as pets. Chinchillas are very light in weight and they are very soft and fragile. These kind do not demand a lot dollars when taking care of them, they are surely low maintenance pets.  

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